17 March 2011

Website - Coming Soon

Don't forget to check it out once it's up :)
full of news, updates, scores and audio files when it's ready!

15 March 2011

The Ringmaster's March

The Ringmaster's March.

Just imagine a really creepy circus, and the ringmaster looks and sounds creepy.
I wrote it for uni, but would like to expand on it :)
Made this from my pitch class set of : D F G# A Bb C Db D

18 February 2011

New Composition

A theme i've been playing with for ages cropped up again today. It's for the bassoon and i'm wanting to eventually form it into some sort of orchestral suite.
When i orginally composed this, i has the idea of a contrabass plucking notes underneath it, and maybe a form of percussion supporting it, however i'll play around with it and try to upload something D:

17 February 2011

Serialism Suite 1 for Orchestra


Serialism Suite 1 for Orchestra.

Wrote this for my course using early serialism techniques, my prime tone row is:

Bb, D, E, G, C#, C, A, F#, F, G#, Eb, B.

I used my tone row to determine only the pitch order i would use. The rhythm, dynamics, timbre and which row i would use when was chose at my own accord.
This was written for orchestra; Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, 2 Trumpets in Bb, Violin, Violas, Cellos, Bass, Contrabass, Timpani, Triangle, Gong and Bass Drum.

In The Presence of The Grand


 In The Presence of The Grand

Original intention for this was a ballet, however i turned it more into just a suite for easy listening. I used two flutes, violin, harp, sitar, orchestral bells and a timpani, as it has a gentle feel to it. 

15 February 2011

Lullaby for Love

Lullaby for Love

A Composition i wrote one night, for fun :) It's for piano, and it's just a light jolly lullaby.
Score is available on request!


Shiftipig - Shiftipig

1. Susta
2. The Unquiet Grave
3. Brenda Stubbotts
4. Banish Misfortune


This is Shiftipig, a folk group from Hull, England. There repotoire includes traditional music of various countries around the world including: England, Ireland, Egypt, Russia, Scotland, France, Germany and many more!
I recorded them at Hull College for my course, so feel free to download it.